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Monday, November 21, 2011 0 million people say!

Title: Barber

Title: 12th

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Big end

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Title: Big End

Title: Bundle Theory

Title: broody

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train life

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Bintang buana

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Pasar Baru

“The market place with its colours, smellss, sight and sound is simply fascinating, i have visited this place many times and yet, it is still my favourite place to drop

by whenever im in Bandung”

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Tok Bali, Kelantan. Malaysia

“This shot taken at a Tok Bali, Kelantan. And a process of making salted fish where they will be dried for few days under the sun and somehow let them last longer.”

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"Sitting Budha

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Sitting Buddha, Kelantan

“Wat Machimmaram, a temple situated in Tumpat of Kelantan, houses the largest sitting Buddha in Southeast Asia. The 30-metre-high, 47-metre-wide statue of brown Buddha with pure gold lips was sitting cross-legged in a meditation pose atop

Wat Machimmaram.”

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Perhentian Island. Malaysia

“The name “perhentian” means “stopping point” in Malay, referring to their longstanding role as a waypoint for traders between Bangkok and Malaysia. The islands were sparsely inhabited by fishermen for centuries, although tourism now accounts for most economic activity. The Perhentian Islands appear on many maps of the nineteenth and twentieth century as ‘The Station Islands’. This arises

from the British colonial period, as an English translation from the Malay “point to stop”.

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Friday, November 18, 2011 0 million people say!

“For some communities, fishing provides not only a source of food and work but also community and cultural identity, it makes more intimacy between them”

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"smell fishy"

Thursday, November 17, 2011 0 million people say!

Paiaman Beach

“this image was made in Padang indonesia. I made it when I walked along the Beach, in about 3 hours, and was able to capture this wonderful subject from a variety of angles, with different backgrounds and foregrounds and in changing light.

I always say “Get Around” your subject, and this one allowed me to do just that.”

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I am not only skilled in graphic Design. Photography and web design I also passionate about it. I enjoy making my design and photographs beautiful. easy to understand and most importantly accessible. I've been interested in design since mid year high-school giving me some prior learning being an autodidact. I was able to create and use my first logo on a functional website which boosted my confidence in hence moved onto web design. Photography became a passion of mini during year 12 where I held my first camera and my photography teacher said I had a very good eye for capture object onto camera.



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