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Koi kisah

Thursday, December 2, 2010

1 disember..tiap-tiap tahun adalah hari AIDS...sedunia"...tahun nie koi tgk kempem reben merah agak menarik... ramai artis...terllibat serta. menjayakan kempem nie. malah Ad "PSA" (public service Announcement) pun menarik jugak,...pppffttt :P dh tk dak idea..nak membebel kat blog... sbb terlalu asik tgk gaba sazzy. dgn nota.nya,...ingat tau rodong-rodong..gunakanlah Condom...jgn main redah jer...hehehe.

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I am not only skilled in graphic Design. Photography and web design I also passionate about it. I enjoy making my design and photographs beautiful. easy to understand and most importantly accessible. I've been interested in design since mid year high-school giving me some prior learning being an autodidact. I was able to create and use my first logo on a functional website which boosted my confidence in hence moved onto web design. Photography became a passion of mini during year 12 where I held my first camera and my photography teacher said I had a very good eye for capture object onto camera.



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