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tahniah utuk diri

Friday, December 10, 2010


heheheh...gumbira rasanya,,...apabila tgok result cemerlang....pastu complete...On,time..2tahun setengah belaja nk mendapatkan (hons)...susahnya belaja...banyak dugaan, banyak halangan...banyak godaaan, banyak hasutan, banyak hot chick...oppssss....hahahaha.... akhirnya....tak terkira..rasanya...lepas nie...nk sambung master pulak...tpi buat PJJ je laaa... almaklum laa..banyak bender nk dikejarkan di duniawi. nie...

note: malam nie..aklu try..edit layout...utk belok insyallah

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I am not only skilled in graphic Design. Photography and web design I also passionate about it. I enjoy making my design and photographs beautiful. easy to understand and most importantly accessible. I've been interested in design since mid year high-school giving me some prior learning being an autodidact. I was able to create and use my first logo on a functional website which boosted my confidence in hence moved onto web design. Photography became a passion of mini during year 12 where I held my first camera and my photography teacher said I had a very good eye for capture object onto camera.



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